About Us                        

At present dm Creative Link is a sole proprietorship; owned by David Martin.
David has been doing sales, marketing and advertising for over 45 years or for those doing the math since he was 17 years old. If you want to consider his early years you could add another ten or so years as his mother joked about how at the age of six or seven he went door to door with his coaster wagon selling “pretty” rocks.

David’s early years were full of trying many types of sales from door to door, institutional, industrial and corporate along with a few multi-level companies for network marketing experience and distributorship sales to cover most all of the types of sales that one could imagine.

David’s teens and twenties were full of training and vast varieties of experience which at the time seemed to be somewhat a waste of time but in looking back the exposure, training and experiences have served him well in helping companies today in a multitude of ways. A gifting that has real helped him to help others is an ability to identify an need and creatively solve it with innovative ideas that have proven very successful.

David zeroed in on real success in his late twenties as a sales marketing director for an audio visual company which had multi-state distribution rights for sophisticated high end education systems. At thirty he moved to even higher ground as a leading national account executive for a major point of purchase adverting company breaking sales records through consultant sales, creative developments and persistently turning over rocks to see how to make a better mousetrap.

God obviously gifted David with a multitude of talents but the creativity in business is one that has served him and the clients he has served well. With a belief that anything can be improved upon to improve sales, performance and profitability he is able to satisfy most every client with increase in a number of areas.

In 2000 David founded Perissos, Inc as a software development company. At its peak in 2003 it had over 20 people on staff in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma along with an off shore development team in Ukraine and another in Russia. In 2004 the company was valued at 24 million dollars but unfortunately through an attempted corporate takeover by the people running it for him all was lost and is currently in a state of dormancy with the hope of being resurrected.

In 1985 David incorporated Dave Martin Ministries and has traveled the world extensively doing crusades, teaching business seminars and doing various types of evangelism work. The ministry is David’s first love next to his love for God and his family, but he really loves the challenges/opportunities of business as well, and his business ventures is one of the primary ways David is able to fund the ministry.


David Martin